Call for Papers

Call for Papers

Call for Papers of Jouenal of Socio-Informatics Vol.12 No.1

1. Aims and Scope

The Journal of Socio-Informatics (JSI) is the official English journal of SSI (The Society of Socio-Informatics). The Journal aims to contribute to the development of social scientific studies relating to information and communication. It publishes papers once a year dealing with communications, media studies, information communication technology, business, sociology, economics, politics, psychology, education, computer science, simulation, and other various disciplines.

2. Requirements for Submissions

(1)Manuscript Classifications
Original Paper – The Paper should be related to Socio-Informatics and is original in its research methods and/or results. The content of the Paper should be reliable and beneficial to the development of Socio-Informatics: Systematic report of practical research, development of theoretical or simulation studies, etc. Standard number of pages is 10 and the maximum number of pages is 14.
The Paper may be recommended as a Research Note by the Editorial Board of JSI. In such a case, the authors can modify the Paper as a Research Note.
Research Note – The Research Note should be related to Socio-Informatics and is original in its research methods and/or results. The content of the Research Note should be a prompt report of research methods and/or result. The number of pages is 6 or 8.
Translation – An article translated into English which was published already in either Socio-Informatics (SSI) or Journal of Socio-Information Studies (JSIS) or Journal of social informatics (JASI). Since the paper is already peer-reviewed, we will publish it without review. However, in order to guarantee the translation quality, the authors should submit the certificate of being native checked.

(2)Conditions for Submission
I. The main part of the manuscript must not be in the process of being published, or have been published or in the process of being submitted to any domestic or international scientific journals, periodicals or commercial magazines. However, an author may compile and submit academic lectures given at research societies or conferences, or oral presentations provided at international meetings.
II. JSI allows for submission of manuscripts that have been placed on preprint servers certified by the editorial board.
III. The authors should adhere that the content and description of the manuscript must not engage in other copyrights, human rights in the research and ethical principles. The authors should consider those issues in their manuscripts.
Ⅳ. The manuscript should be written in a manner that can be understood by members of the same research field.

(3)Handling of Submitted Manuscripts
I. Upon submission, specify manuscript classification to be reviewed.
II. The submitted manuscript will be examined by the Editorial Board and handled in the following manner:
A. Accept
B. Accept under the condition of making minor adjustments
C. Manuscript will be re-examined after author makes adjustments according to the recommendations by the Editorial Board
D. Reject
III. In the cases of manuscripts that need to be revised, manuscripts re-submitted after 4 weeks will be treated as newly submitted manuscripts.
IV. If the revision of manuscript is not finished by the printing of JSI, the manuscript may be printed on the next JSI.

3. Copyright

The copyrights for all manuscripts are automatically transferred to SSI (The Society of Socio-Informatics) when the manuscript has been accepted. SSI regards that not only the person submitting the manuscript, but also ALL authors have accepted this copyright policy upon submission. However, SSI automatically allows without permission that authors themselves may use their own manuscripts for the academic or educational purposes. Therefore, authors may copy, translate, modify, or deliver their own manuscripts, or send them to the public via the Internet.

4. Handling of Manuscript and Expenses

When the manuscript is received by the Editorial Board, a notice indicating the reception will be e-mailed to the author. Rejected manuscript will be abandoned and a note indicating the reasons for reject will be sent to the author. After acceptance of the manuscript, the acceptance will be notified to the author. The author is requested to submit the final version of the paper in the form of electronic file (MS-WORD). Extra cost for printing figures and tables is author’s responsibility. After the manuscript is accepted, proofreading will be performed one time by the author. No insertions or proofreading other than related to printing errors will be accepted. Original manuscripts will not be returned to authors.

5. Submission Deadline for Journal of Socio-Informatics

The Editorial Board has a plan to publish JSI every September. One who would like to submit Original Paper or Research Note on JSI must access Submission is accepted at any time. One who would like to submit Translation on JSI must email jsi[@]

Journal Information

To whom it may concern,
JSI will be published only online.

Editorial Board of The Society of Socio-Informatics

KITAMURA Yorio, Ritsumeikan University

Sub Chair
SAKURAI Seiichiro, Meiji Gakuin University

Editorial board members
ENDO Kaoru, Gakushuin University
FUJISHIRO Hiroyuki, Hosei University
HAYASHIDA Mamiko, Fukuoka Jo Gakuin University
HONDA Masami, Kanto Gakuin University
IIJIMA Kenji, Prefectural University of Kumamoto
INOHARA Takehiro, Tokyo Institute of Technology
KAWAI Daisuke, University of Tokyo
KAWAMATA Takahiro, The University of Nagasaki, Siebold
KIMOTO Reiichi, Sagami Women’s University
KISHIKAWA Yoshinori, Ube National College of Technology
KITAMURA Satoshi, Tokyo Keizai University
KITORA Yuko, Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
KOMAHASHI Keiko, Tokyo Keizai University
KORENAGA Ron, Rikkyo University
KOTERA Atsushi, Toyo Eiwa University
MATSUSHITA Keita, Kansai University
NAKANO Kunihiko, Shimane University
NEMURA Naomi, Nihon University
OHNO Shiroh, Surugadai University
OKAMOTO Kaori, Tokyo University and Graduate School of Social Welfare
SASAKI Yuichi, Tokyo Keizai University
TABATA Akeo, Kobe University
TAKAGI Soichiro, The University of Tokyo
TAKEMURA Tomoko, Ritsumeikan University
UEHARA Nobumoto, Tokyo International University
URATA Mayu, Nagoya University
YAMAGUCHI Shinichi, International University of Japan